Zombie car

This 1987 Buick Grand National hardtop was dead and buried.This 59,000 original mile car has been picked clean by the vultures but still has its original numbers matching heart (engine). It is out of its grave and coming back.  There is just enough left to bring it back to life.


Body for this car was made on April 22nd 1987


Getting the body off the frame and looking at those body bushings

Cant reuse this one

The number 5 or GNX bushing will be added.

New bushings on a freshly painted frame

Front wheel wells restored

Making the chassis and suspension like new again



Body cancer. Back in the day someone filled some rust holes with bondo and now we need new metal.


Some bondo and rust on this quarter panel


Driveshaft restored, balanced checked and all original factory markings replaced.

After removing the carpet and the many dead rodents we only needed to get past the horrible stench of the dead. The floor was soaked in bleach. the sanded to remove any surface rust and loose pieces. Once clean the floor was sprayed with a rust inhibitor and then painted. The floors are solid and a good platform to work from.

Dash wires: OH MY GOD this is not the way to remove a dash. None of the wires are labels, all of the corresponding screws were strewn about the car and many of the wires appear not to be from a Buick. They may be the remnants of past alarm systems. This will be one of the more challenging parts of the project but we are up to the task.